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In 2006 I illustrated a book called ‘The Poison Diaries” for the Duchess of Northumberland. It was one of the most enjoyable projects that I have worked on. The Duchess is an expert on poisonous plants and has built a poison garden in the grounds of Alnwick Castle, where she lives. Open to the public, the garden also includes an epic water feature and an enormous tree house. It is a spectacular place to visit and has become the largest tourist attraction in the north east of England.


I have just finished working on the first book in a major new fiction series for ages 9-12, to be published by Anova. Once again it is written by the brilliant and hilarious Martin Howard. The first book will be in the shops in October 2009.

Here is a brief taster from Anova’s catalogue. 

The headline in ‘The Cackler’ is grim. Old Biddy Vicious, the most Superior High and Wicked Witch and owner of the Black Wand of Ohh Please Don’t Turn Me Into Aaaaarghhh…..Ribbett, is dead. But witches like their news on the dark side and there is great anticipation in the witching world. After all, there will need to be a new leader and a diabolical competition to find out who will become the new Most Superior High and Wicked Witch.

Esmelia Sniff fancies her chances; after all she is exceedingly wicked and has warts in all the right places. As she and her surprisingly cheerful apprentice, Sam, set off to find three other witches to nominate her for the job, the meanest and baddest witches in the world are hatching their own devious plan to become The Wickedest Witch…

The copyright for the above text is owned by Martin Howard and Anova books.

Here is one of the roughs I did for the cover. For the final cover the illustration will be of Esmelia and Sam flying against moonlight.


And the moral of the story is to wash your hands!


Without giving too much away, our hero meets a beautiful antibody called Ella. They fall in love and Sam ‘n’ Ella live happily ever after…


The first roughs of our gallant young hero, Sam.


More roughs from our original pitch to Anova. These are incidental characters from the germ army, some of who made it into the finished book.


I originally planned for the book to have a darker splattery feel to it. Here are some of the early roughs I showed to the publisher. We decided to brighten it up and to add more colour so that the book appeals to a younger audience. 


Some of the finished illustrations…

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They’re not cute, they’re not fluffy. In fact they’d love to make you quite ill….. All of them except one! Sam is a friendly germ forced to fight in evil Queen Bacteria’s army. When one day the boy in the striped pyjamas forgets to wash his hands, the germ army seize their chance to attack! A great battle ensues, but which side is Sam really on? I’m afraid you will have to buy the book to find out!


This is the almost final cover for my upcoming children’s book “GERMS!” It’s the third book I have produced with the hilarious and brilliant writer Martin Howard. Published by Anova it will be in the shops in September/October 2009.